Drosselmeyer’s Magic

A dance by life-like dolls. A song by a singing bird box and a magical moving castle.

Clara and her brother are left in awe by Uncle Drosselmeyer’s gifts on Christmas Eve, but it is a simple nutcracker doll that catches Clara’s eye. As the clock strikes midnight, the nutcracker magically awakens to battle the evil Mouse King.

Bringing a doll to life

Just as Drosselmeyer’s automata dolls “come to life” to dance for the Staulbaum family on Christmas Eve, or the nutcracker springing to life ready to protect Clara; a proper infusion of time is necessary to put the finishing touches on anything we create to turn it into something magical.

Transcending the ordinary

From restoring a clockwork antique to its truest original form, to perfectly preparing a cup of tea; time, dedication and meticulous details are infused into each of our crafts – a gift from maker to receiver transcending the ordinary to make the extraordinary.

Time Creates Magic
80+ hours to optimize tea steeping times for the perfect palate

“Steeping times are the difference between a proper balance of flavors and bitter tea due to the over-extraction of tannins. It takes time to determine the ideal steeping time for a newly crafted blend, to ensure the best expression of taste and terroir–but all the energy is worth it.”

— TEALEAVES Master Blenders
15+ hours to make a bird glisten like jewels

“In a singing bird box… Each feather is trimmed, sized, shaped, and selected for its color and the way that the feather lays and looks. In the end, when the work is artfully done, the feathers on a singing bird can end up glistening like jewels.”

— Antiquarian Horologist Brittany Cox, Memoria Technica

Discover the Wonders of Horology

Discover how to use a rose engine lathe

Traditional use of the rose engine lathe creates ornamental mechanical engravings known as guilloché, which produces a glittering optical effect and shows the hand of the craftsman in the work.


Discover the history of time and mechanical timekeeping

Journey through a history of science; art; and mechanical timekeeping; and discover the wonders of of horology and automata with experts from this magical field.


Commission the Restoration of a Clockwork Heirloom.

Dust off an old clockwork antique and gift it to a loved one this holiday season. Repair it to perfection in time for Christmas so that it may “keep ticking” for generations to come.


“Whenever he came, he always brought something pretty in his pocket for the children, sometimes a little man who moved his eyes and made a bow, at others, a box, from which a little bird hopped out when it was opened—sometimes one thing; sometimes another.”

— Hoffmann, E. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. Translated by Mrs. St. Simon, D. Appleton & Company, 1853.

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