Enjoy Delicacies in a Magic Castle

Dainty flowers gracefully waltz around delicate sugary creations and whimsical cocktails in a magical castle. As the Nutcracker Prince returns to the Land of Sweets, a celebration takes place with delicacies from around the world.

Stories told through taste

In the world of luxury food & beverage, we tell our stories through taste. Hours are spent perfecting techniques and scouring the world for the best ingredients to add nuance and flavor to these stories.

Tea as Muse

TEALEAVES’ Nutcracker and Sugar Plum Fairy blends served as muse for our Executive Chef and Mixologist friends from major cities worldwide. Let their stories and memories of this classic fairytale dance upon your palate in these tea-infused treats.

Infusing Time Into Craft
100+ hours of cupping to perfect a blend of tea

“We taste and taste–and then taste again. It’s a game of balance and blending where color + aroma + taste all play a role to create the perfect palate and articulate the stories we want to tell.”

— TEALEAVES Master Blenders
4+ hours to depict the Sugar Plum Fairy through dessert

“I abstracted my image of this iconic character into a pink “tutu” and string of pearls on a plate. When tasting the tea, I wanted to balance its sweetness with the tartness of raspberry and the fattiness of mascarpone. It took me 4 tries in total to determine the perfect balance.”

— Pastry Chef Sarah Perrells, Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas
3+ hours to finesse a dish with charred leek

“I first charred the leeks very slowly until it was nearly petrified. I added the tea to the mix, charred it for another hour, and got it to a nice, rich, dark black color. I wanted to take the time, and do the tea and the plate justice.”

— Executive Sous Chef Marck Banagan, The Palace Hotel San Francisco
16 hours to hand mold sugar ornaments

“We spent a day pouring and molding sugar into the shape of an ornament to use as a glass for the cocktail. We then spent a second day painting and decorating each of the sugar ornaments.”

— Christina Mercado, Grace Vanderbilt

A feast for the eyes awaits with these delicious tea-time treats! Discover recipes that bring the Nutcracker to life.


“As they passed through the gate, which looked as if it were built of macaroons and candied fruits, silver soldiers presented arms, and a little man in a brocade dressing-gown threw himself upon Nutcracker’s neck, with the words: “Welcome, best prince ! welcome to: Confectionville!”

— Hoffmann, E. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. Translated by Mrs. St. Simon, D. Appleton & Company, 1853.

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