Revel in the Nutcracker Ballet

The Sugar Plum Fairy dances with her cavalier to conclude the night, a sight forever remembered by Clara.

Bringing Magic to Life

Rigorous amounts of time and dedication goes into everything we do so that it may become “en pointe” in people’s hearts and imaginations. Using movement as a means to tell stories from our heart to our hands, it takes years of practice to perfect technique.

200+ hours a year of hand-blending for optimal taste

“Each tea we create tells a story. Rigorous amounts of time was spent to perfect the blend, so that the story can dance upon the palate. The Organic Sugar Plum Fairy blend was inspired with the delicate movements of a ballerina in mind, and hand-blended in an homage to her grace.”

— TEALEAVES Master Blenders
Behind 10 minutes of performance lies countless hours of training

“For The Nutcracker, I’ll probably rehearse about 20 hours per role, but that doesn’t include the daily training and preparation that happens in Company ballet class every morning.”

— Principal Dancer Jennifer Stahl, San Francisco Ballet
Behind one minute of choreography lies six hours of rehearsal

“Our artistic director always says that behind one minute of choreography is one hour of rehearsal. That is simply creating the choreography. To include cleaning, obtaining stamina, and getting everything to run smoothly, I would say one minute of choreography requires around 6 hours of rehearsal.”

— Reilley McKinlay, company artist with Alberta Ballet

“There danced at the wedding two-and-twenty thousand of the most splendid figures, adorned with pearls and diamonds; and Maria, it is said, is at this hour queen of a land, where sparkling Christmas woods, transparent Marchpane Castles—in short, where the most beautiful, the most wonderful things can be seen by those who will only have eyes for them.”

— Hoffmann, E. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. Translated by Mrs. St. Simon, D. Appleton & Company, 1853.

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